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the rain that will fall from sky

How a help can be very useful, sometimes we just don’t realize it. How a candy can make a child laughing the whole day, how a visiting can make a grandfather smile the whole day. Yes, a little help can … Continue reading

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from m to d

Imagination is more important than knowledge. At least i see, one of an imagination becomes true. This year 2012, an indonesian women, who worked in saudi arabia as house maid telling about her succes story. Born as a poor girl, … Continue reading

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blue and green

often human needs animal to accompany him, because human frequently feels lonely. Dog is a common example that human usually keeps it as pet. Starting from cihua-hua, a mini dog till the bigger dog like bulldog. Other pets, usually are … Continue reading

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soul that vibrates

Science, wether social sciences or natural sciences have its theory. It is rational or not is proven by a concluded experiment. For example how scientist makes a a gas-filled balloon able to fly on the sky. Its theory and possibility … Continue reading

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Human is a social life thing. It is classical theory that tells how humans need each other in real life. Humans show how they need a help from others even need to help others. I found and realized an interesting … Continue reading

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perfect imperfection

living in a new place usually some troubles will appear following. Wheter the society, the social life, or the culture. But the common trouble that people face is food. Something that we eat to survive is really having a big … Continue reading

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rib-ticklingly funny

after long long travel everbody wants to go home, except he who doens’t, haha. So do I. After long period in Turkey finally I had time to go home back. Briefly, i arrived in Indoesia. Finished. Haha, just kidding. Now, … Continue reading

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