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pain comforter

I can’t understand this feeling, so heavy without reasons I understand what to do, but attitudes are harder than just thinking Still believing in the word of magical, that lies inside the goodness Forget your sadness and, start your life … Continue reading

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Perception of Success

“You are what you believe”. We are and our abilities, solely is limited by belief of our own self. From the note of history, we can see that, one day in the history of sport, in the athletic game, on … Continue reading

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Why do we have to be born if finally we will die? Living and dying are words that people simply describe what life is. For a lot of people especially, they say after people dying they will become nothing. Nothing … Continue reading

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Indonesian Batik International Day

One of the reason to visit foreign country is because of its culture. We supposed to learn culture and live inside its civilization. “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”1. Even a religion … Continue reading

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