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NYE in Istanbul and Jakarta

In western culture, New Year’s Eve (NYE) is celebrated by a party or social gathering with friends, family, or relatives while waiting for the change of the year. In many big cities, NYE is celebrated with a party in a … Continue reading

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Indonesian Cultural Day in Istanbul

The Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in Istanbul held a cultural day to introduce Indonesia to its hosts. Supported by the Indonesian Consulate General in the city, the event was organized at Istanbul Technical University. Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) in Istanbul such … Continue reading

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just do your role

imagination’s leading forward, expected things all worked out. faith accompanies to truth, doubtful breaks everything down. opportunity knocks door, reaction comes to pick up. courage brings bravery, otherwise just letting go.   lonely brings me down to fantasy, time expedition … Continue reading

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The fault lies with ourselves

People continue to talk about the development of the country. They demand that our leaders advance the nation, making it comfortable and clean with a well-developed public transportation system, for example. How a nation develops is also seen outside a … Continue reading

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