The fault lies with ourselves

People continue to talk about the development of the country. They demand that our leaders advance the nation, making it comfortable and clean with a well-developed public transportation system, for example.

How a nation develops is also seen outside a nation’s borders. Recently, the new president of Egypt has been discussed by people around the world. The people of Egypt are waiting, demanding that the public weal be improved and the nation developed.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, Recep Erdogan has shown his ability to effectively manage a predominately Muslim country. As prime minister, Erdogan has maintained social values while developing the nation. He has rejected injustice at home and abroad. Unsurprisingly, he was named the world’s most influential leader in 2011 by Time magazine.

Erdogan’s success has been buttressed by many things, including support from the freedom-loving people of Turkey, which, like Indonesia, is comprised of many ethnic groups. In Turkey, there are Turks, Kurds and Arabs, to a few.

All the people of Turkey demand freedom. Fewer, however, demand modernity. The existence of only two political parties in Turkey means you support Erdogan’s party or the opposition.

Indonesia is a developing country, but people around the world believe that one day it will become a powerful country — if its management and the quality of its human resources are improved.

Indonesia is a rich country, but the natural resources don’t belong to us anymore. Some have been sold to foreign companies, which is tantamount to an economic invasion.

The problem seems to rest with our fellow citizens. As the economy in Indonesia develops, some steal. This is what we call corruption, which has been exploding.

The fault, however, lies not with our stars, government or country — but with ourselves. Every part of society needs to cooperate to advance and develop the nation.

Indonesian is being watched by people around the world. It is time not to blame anyone. It is time to awaken.

Ahmad Nursalim

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