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my sister in you

i’m more complete but she beats me i’m more polite but she is friendlier i’m more honest but people believe her i care more but she is more interesting i like people but people like her more oh, i’m not … Continue reading

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Story about decision, when stands an invitation never make others wait, but reply by the best so quick is kinda mindless, too long are kind of revenges negotiate well, the result will follow as well Have a good intention, or … Continue reading

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Sharing Dream with Andrea Hirata

A moment when loving of knowledge and missing hometown embody in a family. A moment when sharing becomes second school, leading to feel comfortable to share and indeed debating makes people intimate. Those feeling made Indonesian students in Ankara to … Continue reading

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more attractive colours

I learned from the past, the feeling that I never pass Now, it comes to the present, dealing and pressing up The story about kindness, talking from heart to heart It looks a repetition of the past, closeness without any … Continue reading

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Sitting with Felix Siauw

On 23rd of Jan, in order to remember and forward the spirit of Islam which is brought by Prophet Muhammad, a special program was held by Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in Istanbul. Supported by the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Mozaik, this … Continue reading

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