Sharing Dream with Andrea Hirata

A moment when loving of knowledge and missing hometown embody in a family. A moment when sharing becomes second school, leading to feel comfortable to share and indeed debating makes people intimate. Those feeling made Indonesian students in Ankara to form a discussion forum a year ago. That discussion forum is now called Indonesian Students’ Scholastic Discussion Group (GIA).

GIA was holding its 1st anniversary on January 26th by inviting one of Indonesians’ best novel writers Andrea Hirata. Meda the singer of Laskar Pelangi Song Book, the delegation from the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Ankara and about 300 Indonesian students from whole Turkey were also coming to this event.

This event took place in a big luxury auditorium of Turgut Ozal University, Ankara, which on this event become one of the sponsors. The other sponsors were the best Europe airline Turkish Airlines, the world radio of PPI and also Indonesian Students Association (PPI) Ankara.

The event took innovation and dream as the theme. Innovation motivated participants to create something. While dream led participants to bravely take and face future as they wanted. By talk show format this event allowed Andre Hirata to have interactive dialog with the participants.

Andrea Hirata started his speech by talking on his successful novel “Laskar Pelangi”. He explained that Laskar Pelangi or Rainbow Troops in international version has been successfully published in 78 countries and even in 19 languages. Moreover, Rainbow Troops has been published by famous publishers, such as Penguin Reader. He continued that Rainbow Troops is the only novel from Indonesia that is published by Penguin Reader.

By using Rainbow Troops as an example of creation that leads people to know the culture and arts of Indonesia. He hailed the students to create something useful for Indonesia, because the creation will find its destiny.

In this occasion, he also promoted his best-seller novel Rainbow Troops in Turkish version called Gokkusagi Askerleri. He told that this novel is based on his dream to study abroad. He explained that from his dream, he abled to study in France. So that, he remind the students to bravely dream, because one day God will hug their dream to be true.

To make the event enjoyable, Meda performed on the stage by singing songs of Laskar Pelangi Song Book. All of the students were happy to sing together with Meda. Her melodious voice was able to lead people to feel the sense of the song which meant achieving dreams. So that, it made the students being motivated.

This event started at 9 am and finished at 4.15 pm. There were breakfast, lunch, and door prizes that given to all of the participants. Taking photo with Andrea and Meda become the closure of this event.


Ahmad Nursalim

Ankara, Turkey

andrea hirata


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  1. lalefatma says:

    Datang juga ya? Kok kita gak ketemu sih?

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