Story about decision, when stands an invitation

never make others wait, but reply by the best

so quick is kinda mindless, too long are kind of revenges

negotiate well, the result will follow as well

Have a good intention, or it could be a deception

don’t be over confidence, be reasonable and logical

don’t be too brave, nor be too coward and shame

talk and discuss, make it clear and not fuss

Believe and confirm, don’t worry to much

physical and mental could be broken, so make it comfort

be friend and like it, but don’t too much

so be optimist, and hold onto God

Ahmad Nursalim
optimistcourtesy picture by http://www.the-optimist.com/optimist/The_Optimist.html


About elfatah

No more much motivating except my own enthusiasm. Defeat never comes to any fighter until he/she loses this magic spark called enthusiasm. -Ahmad El Fatah-
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