Recently the world is rushing with its numerous of innovation. People likely fond of something produced as innovation. This innovation may be technology or something new in life. How nice it is if every single day we face or meet something new. It may broaden our horizons as well the joy we may receive. Well, I am talking about innovation that people certainly fond of. If you want to hear, make sure you continue to read this chapter.

Well, the atmosphere of Istanbul is really great. It gives you special feeling to be excited. Despite the greatness of its history, maybe you want to see the beauty of modern things in Istanbul. Especially during Ramadan in Istanbul, many things are prepared, and as a visitor you may only have few days to enjoy of the beauty. Okay, if that is what you want, let’s explore together the exotic of Istanbul.

When you go to Istanbul, many interesting things may surprise you. The spirit people bring is something different. People like to enjoy the time and enjoy the beauty of the city. They are not only joyful but also productive and creative. Well, it is if you go to Umraniye, a district of production in Istanbul. What I mean about production is the district serves special condition to its visitor. In Umraniye, there is a big square that usually people gather to celebrate events. It may music concerts or greeting of special day in Istanbul. Well, the most exotic thing that really makes me surprised is the way they change, the way they transform this square into magical place during Ramadan.

The Umraniye square basically is a big square with shops, markets, and stores around it. However, during Ramadan, they decorated this square into an exotic place which you can fond of. They build special bazaar complete with big ship decoration. It looks like a big ship just parked in the square. Moreover, inside the ship brilliantly they make special place for visitors to watch movies together. So it seems like a big cinema in the square with feeling inside a ship. It is absolutely exotic to see that kind of creative stuff.

They prepare also small ships for the bazaar. In the bazaar there are food, restaurants, cooking stuff and many fun things. Well, near these ships, there is big auditorium shape like dock. Well, the district leader comes to have conversation with the society or doing live talks on the TVs.

Ahmad Nursalim

photo collection by ahmadnursalim.wordpress.com


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