On Numara

Beautiful beach, exotic scenery, wonderful events, great atmosphere, and best restaurants. What can I describe more about this place? When I visited this place it was absolutely brilliant, incomparable place. My friend and I went there and we just admired it endlessly. Turks people said “On Numara” for this place. On Numara means number one place.

What is your expectation about this place is absolutely nothing. It goes beyond our imagination, a piece of paradise in the earth. It coasts along the coastline of Marmara Sea and near the Bosporus strait. Near this place there is the legendary Maiden Tower. Maiden Tower is an extraordinary tower since it’s located on a piece of Island. To go there, we could take ship. It is a restaurant and a piece of history was written there as well. The story is at the past, there was a king that has a daughter. From the oracle, it was said that a snake will beat the daughter that may lead the girl to death. In order to prevent that fatal divination, the king commanded to build a tower with in separated island. That tower is now well known as Maiden Tower. In reality it is known as the heritage of Byzantium. If you are in Uskudar, absolutely you have to visit this place. It takes only 5 minutes to go by ship. You can enjoy the best meals and sightseeing from the tower.

Because its perfect position from Uskudar you could observe and enjoy the beauty of incomparable scenery, the best in the world. All famous scenery in Istanbul could be observed from here. Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Bosporus Bridge, and other historical objects are brilliantly seen from here. It is more fabulous if you see from night.

While during Ramadan period, the atmosphere of Uskudar is flying high. The great activities could be enjoyed until midnight. Bosporus tour and other events are prepared by the local authorities. 2 buses to go sightseeing are prepared. People could see the beauty of Istanbul freely. Hundreds people are enjoying this service. What about the events? If you want to increase the pray during Ramadan, there are 4 near mosques. Famous mosques like Yeni Valide and Semsipasa mosques are favorite places to pray. The Imam has great recitation. Before taraweeh there is lecture to improve your knowledge about Islam. Well, after taraweeh there is Quran recitation also.

Wanna spend iftar here? Don’t worry about that. In Uskudar there are 9 spots that giving food freely for people. It is all prepared by the local authorities. Special foods like soup, hurma (date), juice are given to the people. In the mosques you could take water also during Ramadan. In the square of Uskudar, there is big stage. Here many interesting events are performed. From the beginning of Ramadan till the end of that month, different events are prepared. Performances like theaters, special music performances are chosen to entertain as well as giving meaning to the Ramadan. Wanna spend Ramadan in Istanbul? This place is the first rank to visit, “On Numara”.

Ahmad Nursalim

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto taken from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6f/Istanbul_da_%C3%9Csk%C3%BCdar.jpg


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