Islamic Research Methodology: Contemporary Approach


This paper is written due to the importance of research methodology for the Muslims in the contemporary era. Due to the obligation of conveying the messages of Islam, the bulk of Muslims have two common approaches in spreading it. On one hand, some Muslims without doing research methodology, they ended up in superficial understanding of Islam. On the other hand, some Muslims have not done proper research, they are ending up in ignoring the possibility of diversity in the meaning of the messages. Thus, this research underlines the essence of research methodology for contemporary Muslims in conveying the messages of Islam. It will discuss the importance of Islamic research and how this effects the works done by the Muslims.

In the modern era where knowledge is being asked over time, it is very important for the Muslims to pack their important message in fascinating and reliable way. Thus, contemporary Muslims should first understand the essence of how they are going to present themselves with the knowledge they have. One of the most important knowledge to be mastered in order to present the knowledge is research methodology. The Muslims should then understand it from the Islamic perspective. “Islamic research methodology is a toolbox to interpret the teaching of Islam so that it will become more relevant with the nature of change in the modern world. It is also a way to carry out the message of Islam in order to contribute to the modern world in terms of thoughts, culture and science” (Ziaul, 1976).

We should understand that Islam is multidimensional religion. It concerns about our spiritual realm but it does concern about social aspects as well such as economics, history, politics, culture and philosophy. In the 21st century, Muslims should be clever enough to pack their knowledge with the “toolbox”. The Muslims should dig up important facts and principles then present it in reliable way so that the integrity of the message is guaranteed. This requirement thus forces Muslims in dealing with the information and knowledge in a different approach. The new approaches of Islamic research methodology impacts the Muslims to present their works in new perspective and new framework.

In the modern society, being a naïve Muslim who does not conduct research will end up being questioned with his/her works. The “toolbox” will guide the Muslims to the new framework that requires and satisfies the scientific and intellectual enquiries. “Islamic research and its methodology thus will contribute to the attempts of the Muslims to interpret the past by gathering facts that they dig up, and will interpret it to the present where the knowledge may become more relevant with the future in the integrity of its understanding and assumption of its context” (Ziaul, 1976).



Nowadays, the majority of Muslims learn and understand the essence of Islamic research methodology. They work in more-organized ways with more facts and figures in many facets such as history and philosophy. It brings significance to their work with integrity of relevant information and its reliability. The paper has discussed all of these importance. However, there is an area that needs to be researched in more detailed way. The suggestion is to present how will be the steps of Islamic research methodology, looking at the modern era that more relies on research besides the Quran and prophetic traditions.

Ahmad Nursalim



  1. Haque, Ziaul. Islamic Studies, Vol. 15, Foundation Day Supplement (Summer 1976), pp. 43-56

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