Chronicles of Economics Cycle: Perspective of Economics Power from the Lens of Student Traveler

Traveling has become “the most essential” part of human activity. History recorded a great scholar, Ibn Battuta as the traveler scholar who spent 30 years wandering around the world to learn a deeper understanding of life. He further emphasized that traveling leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a great storyteller. Yes, a great storyteller as you deeply learn wisdom and knowledge that otherwise are difficult to obtain if you are stuck with your comfort zone and the status-quo. Augustine of Hippo backed that importance with his legendary quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page”. I have traveled to 20 countries in 3 different continents and I am eager to travel more to learn more. Yes, to gain more through traveling to other places for the sake of knowledge, education, and most probably networking. Why not? I had experienced before as a “student-traveler” in Austria and I had successfully survived that “one of the most precious time” in life.

Currently, I can observe the world’s economics activities have shifted towards the far east in Asia. I realize that Asia has tremendous potential to be the leader of world economics and as MBA student “the future business influencer”, I do not want to miss the train as the locomotive has moved towards that direction. By having time to spend in Singapore, I will benefit to see the advanced civilization and live in “one of the most important trading cities”. In considerably short time – a month and half – as an Indonesia citizen, part of ASEAN, that recently has enacted ASEAN Economics Community (a free trade, a free human movement, and free economic zone activities in the Association of South East Asian Nations) I have the advantage in terms of my mobility to move there. Furthermore, I will most likely to contribute more as I have insights what the ASEAN markets look like and bring the comparative studies from EU and Turkey to the table of discussion – as I have lived here for years. From this future experience, I am optimistic to bond with fellow classmates that I am sure it will change my life, especially to form a connection for the future partnership between Indonesia – Singapore and possibly Turkey as well. I am in to bridge and play as the future business influencer in ASEAN to give benefit to the society in which I was born.

I have opted to taste similar experience in Germany as it is the heart of EU that still shows the strength amidst European financial crisis recently – in 2008. Moreover, I had the experience to live and engage with German societies during my stay in Austria. I do speak German a little bit as well. Moreover, I will use the opportunity to observe the born genius “technopreneur” who has the talent in engineering – the background that I got my degree in. I am optimistic to link engineering into entrepreneurship and possibly business. Last but not least, I opt to get experience in Greece to feel how a crisis country looks like. I want to see what are the thoughts of the people in such circumstance and how the economics activities are still carried on amidst crisis that results in the lack of liquidity which is important for the business minded people like MBA students. By all of this, I want to thank the committee for spending their precious time reading our motivation letter despite the hectic activities. I want to conclude by quoting a verse saying that different tribes and community exist as a place of reflection that we can gain the lesson. Singapore, Germany, and Greece are a reflection of economics cycles that I genuinely believe as different stages that I can observe in separate contexts in terms of future glory, declining glory, and the nadir.

Ahmad Nursalim

MBA Sabanci University, Istanbul


About elfatah

No more much motivating except my own enthusiasm. Defeat never comes to any fighter until he/she loses this magic spark called enthusiasm. -Ahmad El Fatah-
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